You can now pay of your membership online. You will be directed to our storefront.

Some of the key benefits of membership include

1. Quarterly networking events where members can mingle and mix with those with a common interest - the chance to make new friends and associates

2. Idea Realization - my favorite ! If a member has an art related idea we will put a team around you, find a venue and do the PR to make your idea a reality and a success

3. Notifications of upcoming events via email.  As some of you know, we have a very rich and diverse program of events ranging from the winter FilmNITE film festival, to gallery events, to murals (such as the one at the corner of Miller and Bay), artisan fairs and farmers market and much more

4. Community Enrichment and Transformation - we truly believe that art is a universal language that helps build and transform communities... membership demonstrates your commitment to the Highlands community